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Driving a people focussed strategy using intelligence powered by data and AI

Powerful intelligence platform

Berry connects to both structured and unstructured data available internally and externally about your organization and applies natural language processing and deep learning to drive actionable insights.

Domain expertise

We couple the insights generated by Berry AI with people analytics research and consulting that helps tell your story effectively. These insights help tailor your people strategy or inform your employer branding strategy.

Continuously trained

Berry’s AI is continuously trained on what works for your organization. As you take actions, Berry tracks results and keeps evolving its models; very similar to how an employee learns on the job.

Why you should use a People Intelligence Platform?

Organizations typically sit on large volumes of data that is not used for driving strategy both from a people and a brand perspective. Traditional tools focus on asking questions to the employees, while the insights already exist in the behaviors, conversations and interactions that happen inside the organization. An ideal people intelligence platform does the following:

✔  Takes the focus away from collecting and analyzing data to actioning real time and making change proactive.

✔  Use the insights generated for driving accountability and strategy inside an organization.

✔ Automate common actions inside the organization using these insights so that your people team works as a strategic partner to the business.


Action Driven App

Realtime insights that deliver results.

Add Berry to your Slack or MS Teams and let the magic happen. Berry gets inputs from externally available data and then clarifies those patterns internally to create a complete picture of how people are feeling through the the employee journey. Berry also then generates key action areas for an individual or a team to drive them towards their goals.

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